Peer2Peer | Employability, Diversity, Inclusion

On april 19 another Peer2Peer session took place, which theme was “The Job Market”. 

The session was facilitated by Bruno Rebelo, from the Human Resources Service, and by João Mangerona and Leonor Rodrigues, students of the Integrated Master Degree in Medicine. The participants, NMS students and people with disabilities from partner institutions of the project, were able to listen and interact with guest testimonies who shared their professional and personal experiences, providing a transformative session for everyone!

The testimonies were shared by NMS employees, namely Mário Pereira (Financial Service) and Pedro Firmino (Library Service), by Shámila Ismael (Researcher in Nutrition and Metabolism and PhD Student at NMS in Health Sciences), and by Sónia Fontes (CECD Mira Sintra), who gave a perspective on the Project Management in the field of disability.


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