Professor and Researcher at NMS, Fátima Serrano, talks about about Pregnancy Loss with Público

The obstetrician at the Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital, professor at NOVA Medical School and researcher at the CHRC unit, speaks exclusively to Público about the new clinical rule from the Portuguese Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Fotografia por Rui Gaudêncio (Público)


In conversation with writer Isabel Stilwell, Professor Fátima Serrano speaks about Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) and reacts to the new clinical rule of the Portuguese Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, which aims at a detailed study of the clinical case after a second consecutive abortion, instead of waiting for a third one, as the previous rule advised.

“The most recent evidence shows that there are advantages in starting with an earlier study of these situations, because there are some causes that can be uncovered and treated, with a very good subsequent success rate”, says Professor Fátima Serrano to Público, indicating also that psychological support to the couple should start as soon as the first pregnancy loss. The obstetrician also highlights about the importance of the age factor in RPL and also about the existing empirical evidence for possible treatments.

The full interview can be found on Público newspaper website and consult the doctoral thesis developed at NMS entitled “Aborto Recorrente Das Causas Na Mulher Às Consequências Para O Casal” by Professor Fátima Serrano in the NOVA University repository.