NMS researcher honored at an exhibition dedicated to women scientists

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science was celebrated at the Oficinas de Criatividade Himalaya-Centro de Ciência Viva dos Arcos with the inauguration of the exhibition Mulheres Arcuenses com Ciência, among them Gabriela Silva, principal investigator of NMS.



This exhibition was the result of the combination of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with the project Arcuenses com Ciência, a project that, in addition to bringing science closer to the general public, also aims to disseminate and recognize the work of the scientific community with roots in Arcos de Valdevez.

The exhibition included 9 portraits of women, who stand out in the various areas of scientific knowledge, representing a wide range of other researchers from the municipality. The exhibition is a journey through the academic and professional path of these scientists, which allows us to understand the motivations that led them to choose their path, as well as the vision and role of women in Science.

Gabriela Silva emphasizes that it is very good to see the recognition of the work she has developed until today and to participate in an initiative to disseminate science to everyone, mainly at a local level, and in her birth origins. Gabriela Silva does not hide that she was also inspired by the example of people she listened to when she was younger and that if her path makes a difference for someone, she feels happy. Regarding the Day of Women and Girls in Science, the researcher states that "it is a date that deserves to be celebrated because it mainly serves to inspire more women and girls to follow the path of science."

The celebration of this day with the inauguration of the exhibition constituted an important moment of sharing between the scientists and the community, about their contribution to the progress of science and society.

This initiative is part of the Agenda with Science of the Oficinas de Criatividade Himalaya, which every quarter has activities for different types of audiences, allowing everyone to get in touch with science, ecology and sustainability.

Learn more about the exhibition which can be visited until the end of August here and about Gabriela Silva's research work here.


[Photos provided by Oficinas de Criativade Himalaya]