NMS receives medical students from all over the country to talk about Health Policies

Medicine and Nutrition students together, over 14 weeks, to address Health Policies, with the Coordination of Francisco Goiana da Silva and Alexandra Bento



NOVA Medical School has been investing in an alliance between Nutrition and Medicine, in what is a teaching of excellence in a medical school.

Proof of this, and which for us represents a great innovation, is the fact that since the last academic year, we have brought together future doctors and future nutritionists in a curricular unit that addresses health policies, and whose coordination was in charge of Prof. Francisco Goiana da Silva and Prof. Alexandra Bento.

It is considered of vital importance to approach the subject, since both these health professionals (doctors and nutritionists) will have a very relevant role to play, not only in the provision of care, but also in Public Health Policies, as active citizens .

This year, we opened the doors of our institution to all medical students in the country. Over the course of 14 weeks, they had the opportunity to learn about and debate various issues with a renowned panel.

This curricular area aimed to promote the development of skills of its participants through direct contact with national and international leaders, with relevant experience in the development of health policies at national and international level.

The sessions took place in an interactive mode, in contact with the main actors in the national health panorama, with a view to involving students in the critical analysis of situations that addressed interventions and comparisons of health care provision and organization systems in national and international contexts. . The broad discussion of the experiences shared by the guest speakers highlighted leadership principles and essential management tools for the design of effective interventions in the health area.



In the closing session, a round table was held to address the theme “National Health Service: what future?”, in which Maria de Belém Roseira (Former Minister of Health), Fernando Araújo (Executive Director of the National Health Service), Jaime da Cunha Branco (Full Professor at the NMS) and Ana Paula Martins (Vice-President of the National Health Convention)participated, in a session in which the participation and intervention of the students surpassed all expectations, as they showed an enormous interest in the topics under discussion.

All students, both in Nutrition – whose curricular unit is part of the study plan, and in Medicine, were subject to an Oral Test at the end of the semester, with very positive results.

NOVA Medical School will continue to focus on teaching excellence, continuing to open the doors of its institution and fulfilling its public service mission.