NMS students meet with the research community in the first edition of the event Investigação, Sim ou Não?

Nova Medical School hosted the event that gathered students from the master's in medicine and bachelor's degree in nutrition science with the community of researchers, and aimed to promote the participation of undergraduate students in scientific internships and present the reality of current biomedical and clinical research of NMS.



The event Investigação, Sim ou Não?, organised by AENMS and the NMS PhD students Committee, and supported by NMS Executive Council, started with a round table with researchers of different profiles, including biomedical and clinical researchers, doctors and NMS alumni who participated in PIATI internships (Programa de Integração de Alunos em Trabalhos de Investigação). The discussion was lively and dynamic, and participants had the opportunity to ask questions about NMS research and share their thoughts on the present and future of PIATI internships.

In addition, there was also a pitch session where proposals for research internships to take place in this 2023 edition were presented. The diversified proposals reveal the multitude of research projects in which NMS is involved, covering the entire spectrum of research, from the fundamental biomedical, to the clinical, passing through the translational and epidemiological.

Bruna Correia, membro do Comité de Estudantes de Doutoramento da NMS,  afirmou que "este evento foi fundamental para mostrar a importância da investigação na medicina e também para dar a conhecer aos estudantes de medicina e nutrição o tipo de investigação que fazemos aqui na Nova Medical School, de forma a ajudar a aproximar as comunidades médica e biomédica da NMS. Para além disso, Mariana Barata acrescentou que acreditam que este evento "vai impulsionar o número de estudantes com interesse a participar nos estágios PIATI e a fomentar o seu gosto pela investigação".

Bruna Correia, member of the NMS PhD Students Committee, stated that "this event was fundamental to show the importance of research in medicine and also to make medicine and nutrition students aware of the type of research we do here at Nova Medical School , in order to help bring the medical and biomedical communities closer to NMS". Moreover, Mariana Barata added that the committee believes that this meeting will boost the number of students interested in participating in PIATI internships and nurturing their interest for research.

The Dean of NMS, Helena Canhão, and the Vice-Dean for Research, Patrícia Calado, were present at the event, which reflects the strong commitment of the NMS Executive Council in bringing together the academic and research branches of the School. Helena Canhão has no doubts about her answer to the provocative question "Research, Yes or No?" and in her words the answer can only be one: "Research (always) yes, but how?", and it is towards this goal that NMS will continue to walk.

O interesse dos alunos de medicina e nutrição sobre investigação foi demonstrada pela boa adesão a este evento, que terminou com um momento de conversa informal durante o coffee break. Este encontro proporcionou uma oportunidade única para os alunos conhecerem diretamente alguns investigadores da NMS e marcou o início de uma nova era na relação entre todos os participantes.

The interest of medicine and nutrition students in research was demonstrated by the good turnout in this event, which ended with a moment of informal conversation during the coffee break. This meeting provided a unique opportunity for students to meet some NMS researchers directly and marked the beginning of a new era in the relationship between all participants.