The Kitchen Lab is a space dedicated to hands-on teaching, where food and health intersect, transposing science to the table, and consolidating action skills from the different phases of the circuit - from the meadow to the plate.

The Kitchen Lab seeks to be a space where the development of technical culinary skills and creativity are combined to achieve healthy and sustainable food, integrating local and global issues related to human and planetary health. 

This is a dynamic experiential learning space where students, researchers, startups and companies create new ideas and value in the area of food, and where connections can bring co-creation and cross-innovation in order to respond to individual clinical cases and public health problems.

In the Kitchen Lab, knowledge exploration and transformation is not limited to Nutrition Science undergraduate classes, but extends to advanced and postgraduate training, tutorials, community lectures, seminars and public or corporate events.

For more information on how to Host an event at NOVA Medical School's Kitchen Lab contact: