RISE is based on 5 interrelated Thematic Lines (TL). The first three TLs (TL1-TL3) focuses on preclinical, clinical and translational research on a wide range of relevant diseases, articulating with the remaining two TLs (TL4 and TL5), which focuses their research on how to improve healthcare and how to address important health societal challenges incorporating the most adequate scientific evidence:

TL1 – Clinical and Translational Research in Cardiovascular Sciences

TL2 – Clinical and Translational Research in Oncology

TL3 –Clinical and Translational Research in Inflammatory and Degenerative Diseases

TL4 – Healthcare Policy, Technology and Digital Transformation

TL5 – Community Health and Societal Challenges

Our mission: To strengthen Health Research, from the preclinical and clinical stages to the community level, by connecting universities to healthcare providers, in the scope of the Portuguese policy for Science and Technology.