Clinical Research Centres

NMS seeks to be at the forefront of medical education, grounded on clinical research and a culture that seeks diversity and critical thinking in order to improve the health and quality of life of the Portuguese.

NOVA Medical School works with several associated health units, which allows students to enjoy a diversity of teaching locations and a more comprehensive and inclusive knowledge of the hospital and primary health care reality.


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CCAL is a Clinical Academic Center (CAC), created as a consortium, which includes six Local Health Units (Estuário do Tejo, Lezíria, Lisboa Ocidental, Litoral Alentejano, Médio Tejo and São José), the Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Lisbon and two Academic Institutions (National School of Public Health and NOVA Medical School | Faculty of Medical Sciences of NOVA University Lisbon).

The CCAL, like the CACs in general, introduces one of the most modern and promising forms of organization of integrated structures for medical assistance, teaching and research, enhancing the advancement and dedication of knowledge and scientific evidence for the improvement of health.

To make organized and systematic use of the synergies between its members, developing and consolidating a structure that integrates the provision of health care and the development of teaching and research activities.

  • To ensure compliance with the most basic ethical principles.
  • To guide its activity in compliance with demanding standards of Quality, in a process of continuous improvement aimed at obtaining value in health.
  • To establish a policy based on Innovation with a view to improving the healthcare provided and excellence in research and education.
  • To base its activities on cooperation strategies between its members, using synergies, avoiding redundancies and resorting to partnerships with national and international entities.
  • To carry out its activities with respect for transparency and the timely dissemination of the knowledge generated.
  • To manage its activity with respect for the principles of Equal Opportunities and Inclusion.
  • Commit to respecting sustainability in all initiatives and strategies developed.