Centre For Toxicogenomics And Human Health (ToxOmics)

ToxOmics aims for interdisciplinary I&D activities using genomic and post-genomic   methodologies to study the molecular, biochemical and cellular effects of human genetic diseases  and harmful environmental effects, through interrelated approaches 

  1. exposure evaluation, biological responses and genome harmful agents and biological monitoring
  2. genic expression variability and regulation of disease and therapeutic response
  3. evaluation and development of toxicogenomic and toxicoproteomic biomarkers.

Our mission revolves around prevention,susceptibility to disease and advanced training in toxicogenomics and human health.

ToxOmics has INSA as a partner, where 5 research groups are based, namely: Genetic Diseases, Functional and Structural Genomics, Environmental Genotoxicity, DNA Analysis Technologies, Signal Transduction Pathologies and Associated Pathologies.

ToxOmics contibutes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from UN:


Know more about the dedication of ToxOmics and NOVA Medical School at our Sustainability page.


Michel Kranendonk, PhD 

Investigation groups

Drug Response and Resistance

António Sebastião Rodrigues

Cancer Nanomedicine

João Conde

Xenobiotic Metabolism

Michel Kranendonk

DNA Damage and Repair

Susana Nunes Silva