Cell Culture Facility

The Cell Culture Unit of the NMS Research provides a variety of equipment and services for working with cell cultures.

It contributes daily to the improvement of scientific research and development in all areas involving work in cell culture, with the main objective of providing adequate infrastructure and assistance in various logistical, management and technical and scientific support aspects. Thus, the Unit allows users to carry out their work autonomously and efficiently.

5 culture rooms:

  • Gray Building (3 Culture Rooms) #2.10 – Commercial Cell Line Cultures, #3.11 – Stem Cells and Commercial Human Primary Cultures, and #3.14 - Viruses
  • Yellow Building: #2.8 room (Primary cultures: human and animals)
  • Culture Room to support the Vivarium: 1 Culture Room

The Culture Rooms have several laminar flow chambers, as well as all the material needed to carry out laboratory experiments (incubators, centrifuges, inversion microscopes). In addition, it has inverted microscopes that are used for research and support different techniques, such as fluorescence and phase contrast. It has also a digital, transmitted and inverted light imaging system for cell and tissue culture applications and routine cell maintenance with high-quality, high-definition optics. 

  • New users must register online in the Agendo Science appointment system and request permission before using any equipment at the Cell Culture unit for the first time.
  • After consenting to the permission, a mandatory induction will be carried out, before permission to use the Culture Rooms.
  • Using equipment without prior reservation is prohibited. The actual use of the equipment is regularly verified by the Unit's team, through the entries made on the equipment.
  • Before using the Cell Culture Unit, all new users should carefully review all equipment maintenance instructions and procedures, as well as all biosafety guidelines, which are available on CEDOC's internal network.
  • All rules presented are equally applied to all external users. The price list for use can be consulted on the AGENDO booking website.
  • Any anomaly found in any of the Culture Rooms should always be reported via email to daniela.dias@nms.unl.pt.
  • Acknowledgments should always be presented to the Cell Culture Unit in any scientific publication or oral presentation in which the data were generated through the use of one of the equipment present in the Unit, services provided by the Unit or any help in the planning of experiments, provided by the team of Cell Culture.
  • Acknowledgments are always useful in obtaining internal and external funding to maintain or update the instruments present in our facilities or for career development programs. The following statement can be used as an example of thanks to our Unit: "The maintenance of cell culture was performed at the Cell Culture Unit of CEDOC|NMS." 

Facility Manager

Maria Miguel