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Jose da Silva Ramalho

Investigador Investigador Principal
Principal researcher at Molecular Biology platform that provides research support to furthering the research projects within CEDOC and partners worldwide. With his expertise in animal and cell models of diseases as well as expertise in transgenic and gene editing provides support in Molecular Biology techniques from basic to more complex cloning/gene editing with high capabilities in numerous cloning strategies and access to a suite of vectors that includes adenovirus and lentivirus. José Ramalho is involved in a range of collaboration/services combining advice/training and access to cutting-edge techniques to meet gene analysis needs. In addition, the platform in collaboration with individual researchers produces, specific recombinant proteins for a wide range of applications, including structural and functional studies, small ligand screening and antibody production used in scientific projects.
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ORCID: 0000-0002-1927-164X Ciencia Vitae: FE13-BC0C-D253 Scopus Author ID: 7003401533 ResearcherID: M-6415-2015