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Nélia Gouveia

Investigador  Investigador Auxiliar
Nélia holds a PhD in Clinical Research from NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NMS|FCM). Nélia Gouveia, in 2015, starts the Clinical Trial Unit Project of NOVA, named NOVA CRU. Before this, she was the project Manager of the Portuguese Epidemiological Study of Rheumatic Diseases (2011-1016), and also of the Cohort Study of Rheumatic Diseases (2013-2016). Nélia also collaborated in National Ethics Committee for Clinical Research (2009-2011). Currently she also is the Coordinator of the Master Course - Management of Clinical Research (MEGIC), provided by NOVA and Universidade de Aveiro, and coordinates the Post Garduate course of Pharmaceutical Medicine of NOVA Medical School. Nélia Gouveia also collaborates at Doctoral Programme in Medicine and also at PhD Programme in Mechanisms of Disease and regenerative Medicine. Moreover, she is the Clinical Research Consultant of the Portuguese College of Pharmacists (Ordem dos Farmacêuticos). Nélia Gouveiais is also author of scientific articles in national and international publications and has wan some national prizes of clinical research.
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