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Saba Abdulghani Oliveira da Silva

Investigador Investigador Doutorado
Senior Researcher, Coordinator of CHAIN Biobank

Saba Abdulghani is the coordinator of the Comprehensive Health biobank (CHAIN) at the Comprehensive Health Research Centre, Nova Medical School and a researcher at CEDOC, NMS. She holds a doctorate degree in Biomaterials from Queen Mary University of London, UK. Following her PhD, Saba was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to work at the Orthopaedics department at Lund University Hospital in Sweden.

She later moved to Portugal to join the Rheumatology research unit at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM) and work on the nanomechanical properties of osteoporotic bone where she was awarded the European Calcified tissue Society fellowship. Her main area of research is the nanostructure of osteoporotic bone in early and post-menopausal women and biobanking.

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• CHRC research grant.
• European Calcified Tissue Society/ Servier Award.
• Marie Curie Inter-European Fellowship (MEIF-CT-2003-502109).
• Doctoral studentship- University of London/Johnson & Johnson

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