João Filipe Raposo

Docente Professor Auxiliar Convidado
Co-PI, Medical Scientist
Graduated in Medicine in 1988 (Medical School of Lisbon University) and PhD in Medicine-Endocrinology (2004) – Nova Medical School (Nova University) with a thesis on Calcium Physiology Mathematical Models). Consultant of Endocrinology (since 2006) at the Portuguese Cancer Institute in Lisbon and at APDP – Portuguese Diabetes Association. Clinical Director of APDP – Diabetes Portugal (since 2008). Guest Professor at Nova Medical School - Public Health, Introduction to Medicine, Diabetology (2006). President of SPD – Portuguese Diabetes Society. Consultant of the World Health Organization for diabetes and NCD’s.

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12: Sobral do Rosário F, Almeida DV, Oliveira J, Lima ML, Raposo JF. A Randomized Trial of the Close Reading and Creative Writing Program: An Alternative Educatio

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