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Luis Miguel Borrego

Docente Professor Associado com Agregação
  • Assistant Professor of Immunology - NMS
  • Director of the Immunology & Primary Immunodeficiency Lab - NMS
  • Vowel of the Ethics Committee - NMS
  • Director of the Immunoallergy Service - Hospital da Luz Lisboa

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  • Educational Grant SIC/ Beckman Coulter - Best Research Work in Immunotherapy 2020/2021, “Immune profile after OIT in children with persistent cow´s milk protein allergy”.
  • MSD Investigator Initiated Studies Program 2020: “Persistence of specific humoral and cellular immunity in children after SARS-CoV-2 infection”.
  • Best Poster Prize - EAACI Congress 2017, 2009, 2007, 2006.
  • Travel Grant - EAACI, 2004.
  • Young Investigator Award finalist 2002, Congrés International de Pneumologie Pédiatrique, Nice, 2002.


  • Best oral Communication in “Obesidade e Comorbilidades” - 25º Congresso Português de Obesidade, 2021
  • Best oral Communication and best poster - IX Reunião de Imunodeficiências Primárias (SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Imunologia), 2019
  • Best oral Communication - 21º Congresso de Cardiopneumologia, 2016
  • Several best poster and oral communications in the SPAIC congress since 2004
  • Award Bioportugal/ALK-Abelló 2012
  • Award SPAIC-GSK 2011 & 2005
  • Award SPAIC-Astra-Zeneca 2011

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