CLIC Program - Level 2


Emília Monteiro, MD, PhD
Luís Almeida, MD, PhD


UNAVE – Associação para a Formação Profissional e Investigação da Universidade de Aveiro
NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (NMS|FCM) – PtCRIN 


The CLIC Programme is aimed at the certification of clinical investigators. Level 1 has been approved and has been in operation since 2015. The implementation of level 2 starts in 2018. The Programme strictly follows the European syllabus, published in March 2013. The syllabus was prepared by PharmaTrain - which is a European initiative for the qualification and standardisation of pharmaceutical medicine education - and ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network) - which is a European network of infrastructures dedicated to clinical research, represented in Portugal by PtCRIN. The Programme operates in an e-learning format. In addition to documents that can be printed or viewed on the computer, participants find on the platform lectures recorded on video, which can be accessed at any time, thus making it compatible with the personal and professional life of health professionals. Level 2 certification is intended for the certification of Principal Investigators of clinical trials.

General Objectives and Learning Objectives

The Programme has been prepared with the aim of qualifying from the point of view of acquiring theoretical knowledge the members of clinical research teams (clinical trials, observational studies and other clinical studies), in health institutions. The course does not include training in attitudes and practical skills.

Teaching Methodologies

The course is delivered exclusively in e-learning format and is based on pre-recorded video lectures and supporting materials made available in pdf format.

Learning Assessment Methodologies

Certification is obtained by passing a final exam with a mark of 75% or more. The exam is a multiple-choice exam with 5 answer options and is available on the course platform at the end of the lectures visualisation, upon request of the participant.

Teaching Quality Assessment Methodologies

Trainees will complete a satisfaction survey at the end of the course.

Teaching Staff

Professionals and lecturers from universities with extensive experience in clinical research have been invited for this course. Most of them are PhD professionals from institutions that are part of PtCRIN (Health Units and Clinical Trial Units (CTU)). For their practical experience, we also include some technicians from the pharmaceutical industry and members of the competent authorities in the evaluation of clinical trials. 

The list of lecturers can be found in the Curriculum Plan/Detailed Programme. 

The presentations have been recorded and will be made available online after registration. None of these professionals have received or will receive any remuneration.

Curriculum Plan/Detailed Programme

Information here.


The program is particularly aimed at medical researchers who will act as principal investigators in the studies. However, it is not limited to them given the importance of everyone in a multidisciplinary team knowing the diversity of roles. 

Selection Criteria

Not applicable.

Absence regime

Not applicable (online training)



Numerus Clausus

Minimum Number: Not applicable (online training)
Maximum number: Not applicable (online training)

Teaching Language

The language of instruction is Portuguese only, although support material is included in English.

Dates of Realization

Since February 2018.


Not applicable (online training)


72h total (22h hours of lectures and 2h of assessment)

Place of Realization

Not applicable (online training)

Application Deadline

Not applicable (ongoing training)

More information about CLIC 2

See here

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