Special Regimes - Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Sciences

General Regulations for Re-entry and Change of Institution/Course Pair in Higher Education  - Portaria nº 181-D/2015





Change of Institution/Course Pair - Academic Year 2023/2024

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The System for Changing Institution/Course Pairs (transfers and course changes) is based on Ordinance No. 181-D/2015 of June 19, and requires the prior establishment of vacancies by the Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, on a proposal from the Director.

The Re-entry Regime is governed by Decree nº 181-D/2015, June 19

Application deadline: until March 31 of the academic year prior to the one you intend to re-enter

What is Re-entry?
Re-entry is the act by which a student, after interrupting his studies in a higher education institution / course, enrolls in the same institution and enrolls in the same course or in a course that has succeeded him.

What are the quantitative limitations to re-entry?
The re-entry regime is not subject to quantitative limitations.

What are the conditions for requesting re-entry?
Students who have been enrolled and enrolled in that institution / course pair or in a pair that has preceded them may re-enter;
Students who have been enrolled in this institution / course pair in preceding academic year the year in which they intend to enter cannot re-enter. Students whose enrollment has expired due to the application of the prescription regime referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 5 of Law No. 37/2003, of August 22 (establishes the bases for higher education financing), as amended by Law No. 49/2005, of August 30, only two academic semesters can apply for re-entry after the date of prescription.