Health Literacy

Health literacy from children to seniors is a concern and mission of NOVA Medical School.

Learn more about the different activities of the Nutrition and Lifestyles Team with these audiences.


Health Literacy for the Younger

Professor Júlio César Rocha was in a very interactive morning, on healthy eating at school age, at the Agrupamento de Escolas D. Filipa de Lencastre, in Lisbon. The highlight of this action was the construction of a food circle by the students, who were able to identify in a great way which foods should be left out of this so identifying element of Healthy Eating.


In a second part of the class, an explanation was provided on how feeding can be adjusted in children with special nutritional needs, giving as an example children with hereditary protein metabolism disease. Mixtures of amino acids and hypoprotein porridge were prepared on site. It is important to instill in all children that they may have peers with a special diet, and that this does not make them different.

Strengthening healthy lifestyles, acting preventively and building health skills are three of the major goals that underpin our mission – more health for Portuguese people of all ages.

For parents, Professor Júlio César Rocha leaves a key message: “be the example you want for your child. Our children are often our reflection, the reflection of our habits – especially when it comes to food and physical exercise – lifestyles”.


Health Literacy for Seniors

As part of the dynamization of the close relationship with the Arroios Parish Council, the PhD student at NOVA Medical School, Shámila Ismael taught a practical class in the Health discipline, at the JFArroios Senior Academy.

The class, on the theme: The role of the Mediterranean diet in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, had a very practical character and the participation had as a background to help increase the health literacy of this senior audience.

It took place in the Clodomiro Alvarenga Reading Room (Mercado Forno do Tijolo).

According to the feedback received from Academia Sénior de Arroios, the students were extremely satisfied and highly praised Dr. Shamila. It is actions like this that contribute a lot to the work that is done with the senior public.

Shámila Bio: Shámila Ismael, Nutritionist (3707N), Graduated in Nutrition Sciences and Master in Clinical Nutrition from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto, PhD Student in Health Sciences at NOVA Medical School, NMS Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NMS), Researcher at NMS, CINTESIS and CHRC. Areas of interest: nutrition and metabolism, gut microbiota, and metabolic diseases.