Cytoskeleton in Development and Disease

In our lab we investigate how cells reshape their cytoskeleton in order to accommodate different functions throughout different developmental stages.

Graphical Abstract
  • MTs&Oocytes - Microtubule organization in Human oocytes.
    Jan 2022 – Jun 2023; EXPL/MED-OUT/0972/. Funded by the Portuguese research council (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, FCT). In Collaboration with the fertility clinic IVI RMA, Lisboa.

  • Centrosomes&Differentiation - Regulation of microtubule organizing centers during development.
    Oct 2018 – Sept 2022; PTDC/BIA-BID/32225/2017. Funded by FCT.

  • Regulation of a Centriole Maintenance Program.
    Jan 2017 – Dec 2019; Awarded by L’Oréal, FCT and UNESCO.

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    * Equal 1st Author Contribution. # Corresponding author.
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    * Equal 1st Author Contribution. # Corresponding author.
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    * Equal 1st Author Contribution.
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  • 2021 Prize for the 3rd best oral presentation. Portuguese Drosophila Meeting. held virtually. Portugal, Molecular Regulation of Centrosome Stability.
  • 2020 Investigator Contract: FCT Stimulus of Scientific Employment (CEEC-IND; FCT).
  • 2016 Medals of Honor L’Oréal for Women in Science 2016 (L’Oreal Foundation).
  • 2011 Individual Post-Doc fellowship, FCT.
  • 2007 FCT Individual PhD fellowship, FCT.

Principal Investigator

Ana Pimenta Marques
Principal Investigator


Ana Silva
MSc Student
Jessica Irina Cabrita
MSc Student