Person-Centered Research Group

We are mostly interested on how to centre healthcare on people.

We focus in three areas. First is understanding health and illness experiences and the doctor-patient relationship. The second is on how to provide better care for common health problems presenting in primary healthcare. The third is on health policies regarding the organization of care, management and training of healthcare professionals.

We perform systematic and scoping reviews to synthesize the current best evidence on our topics of interest. We also use a wide range of quantitative research designs (cluster-randomized trials, interrupted time-series, observational studies) and qualitative studies (grounded theory, phenomenological studies and case studies).

  • PRICOV-19 Study: A multi-country study on quality of care and patient safety in primary care in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Ongoing). Led by the University of Ghent and with collaborators from 37 countries. Funded by the European General Practice Research Network e pela European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice
  • PrimaryCare@COVID-19:Digital Platform for Supporting Chronic Patients and COVID-19 consultations and Monitoring in Primary Care. (2020) In collaboration with Global Health and Tropical Medicine Unit - Funded by FCT Research4COVID-19 Grant 228_596870812)

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Principal Investigator

Bruno Heleno


Daniel Pinto
José Manuel Mendes Nunes
Teresa Ventura
Senior Researcher
David Silvério Rodrigues
PhD Student
Mariana Lemos
PhD Student
Ana Rita Maria
PhD Student
João Pereira Alves
PhD Student
Catarina Viegas Dias
Nuno Basilio
Rita Viegas
Gisela Costa Neves
Mafalda Portugal
Mariana Martinho
Paulo Faria de Sousa
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