Histology Facility

The Histology Facility provides scientific and technical assistance, both for NMS Research and for external users, by offering a range of services, instruments, and user training.

Our main contribution is in the planning and optimization of specific histological approaches for each scientific project to obtain high-quality results both in fundamental and clinical research. Specifically, this service helps researchers plan the best histological approach for their projects; processes, cuts, and stains animal and human samples; performs and optimizes immunohistochemistry protocols; training of new users in the use of available equipment; and provides theoretical/practical knowledge and images obtained by associated pathologists for presentation in scientific publications.


  • HM200 Microtome
  • CM3050 S Cryostat
  • UT200L Paraffin Embedding Unit
  • PF200L Cooling Plate
  • Tissue Processor
  • AutostainerLink48

Methods and techniques:

  • Paraffin processing and sectioning,
  • Frozen embedding and sectioning also,
  • Hematoxylin-eosin stain
  • Some special staining like Ziehl Neelsen, Luna, Masson trichrome, oil red, and Fontana Masson staining
  • Support in immunohistochemistry optimization both for researchers and for sicgen antibodies testing
  • Electron microscopy techniques
  • User training
  • Experimental design planning

A new user has to register in agendo, fill in the request available in the histology section to schedule a training session. Prices are available on each product order or on the intranet. In the case of self-use, it is mandatory to previously have a training session with the Histology Technician, who will be available during NMS normal working days and hours.

All users of the Histology services must thank it in any type of scientific publication, provided that the results presented have been obtained with our equipment, services or scientific help by the staff.

In publications in which there is a significant contribution of histology, either in the experimental design or analysis of the results of the project in question, co-authorship in the publication must be considered.

Users must send the publication to the histology service.

You can use the following sentence: We thank the Histology Service of NOVA Medical School, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa for its help in this work (you can mention the type of help).


Part of the COLife alliance

Facility Manager

Cláudia Andrade
Executive Coordinator of the Flow Cytometry Facility