NOVA Medical School is a modern and innovative Medical School based on three pillars: Education, Research, and Community. The Research pillar (NMS Research) aims at improving translational science and medicine, in a bench-to-bedside approach. NMS Research is focused on discovering and developing new diagnostic tools and treatments and ensuring that proven strategies for disease treatment and prevention are implemented within the community. 


NMS Research is committed to stimulate science of excellence and new discoveries – vaccines, health literacy tools, biomarkers – and identify opportunities for technology transfer with the promotion of joint ventures between academia and private and public institutions. 

NMS Research's multi-institutional environment enables testing of basic research findings in clinical settings, with proven interventions becoming standard practice, increasing the speed at which new treatments reach patients, and improving health and lives. 

Four FCT-funded Research Units constitute the core of NMS Research: CHRC, iNOVA4Health, ToxOmics and CINTESIS. 

  • The Comprehensive Health Research Centre (CHRC) is a interdisciplinary, multi-institutional and comprehensive new research centre coordinated by NMS and rated as Excellent by National Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Aiming at supporting, developing, and fostering clinical, public health and health services research, CHRC mission is to produce robust evidence to improve current clinical practice, health policy and healthcare services organization. The research team performs across 5 thematic lines: I) Health promotion; II) Lifestyles in healthcare; III) High burden and high mortality diseases; IV) Health policies and healthcare services research; and V) Health innovation;
  • iNOVA4Health is also rated as Excellent by FCT. and is a translational medicine R&D unit, organizing the efforts of biomedical researchers involved in: i) biological understanding of the disease, lead compounds and biopharmaceuticals pre-discovery, ii) technological scientists involved in preclinical development, and iii) clinicians involved in early clinical and first-in-man clinical trials. iNOVA4Health is focused on three thematic lines, to coordinate projects into synergistic programs of research: I) Neurological and Vision Disorders; II) Cardio-Metabolic Disorders; and III) Cancer;
  • ToxOmics is a R&D unit coordinated by NMS, rated as Good by FCT , that aims for interdisciplinary R&D activities using genomic and post-genomic methodologies to study the molecular, biochemical and cellular effects of human genetic diseases and harmful environmental effects, through interrelated approaches: I) exposure evaluation, biological responses and genome harmful agents and biological monitoring, II) genic expression variability and regulation of disease and therapeutic response, III) evaluation and development of toxicogenomic and toxicoproteomic biomarkers. ToxOmics mission revolves around prevention, susceptibility to disease and advanced training in toxicogenomics and human health;
  • CINTESIS is a decentralized, interdisciplinary research unit, rated as Very Good by FCT. The 3 proposed thematic lines for CINTESIS are strongly aligned with the major health research priorities: I) Preventive Medicine & Societal Challenges; II) Clinical & Translational Research; and III) Health Data and Decision Sciences & Information Technologies; 

In addition, the above-mentioned Research Units are integrated into three Associate Laboratories (LS4Future, REAL and RISE), with the aim of enhancing collaborative research work, boosting researchers' careers, and responding to the challenges of sustainable development in a conscientious, dutiful, and ground-breaking manner.

NMS is also a founding member of two Collaborative Laboratories: Value4Health Colab – aiming at the acceleration of the fundamental restructuring in healthcare delivery towards a paradigm shift to Value-Based Healthcare and Patient Empowerment – and Colab Trials – aiming at exploiting and optimising clinical information to produce and make accessible clinical data in real-time; increasing knowledge and expertise in innovative methodologies for clinical trial designs; training health professionals in the implementation of research projects; and increasing the community's literacy in clinical research. 


Value for Health CoLAB (VOH.CoLAB) is a private, non-profit association founded by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Fraunhofer Portugal, Vodafone Portugal and CUF.


CoLAB TRIALS' mission is to foster innovation in clinical research in Portugal.

NMS Research tackles, with the power of science, work aptitude and collaborative approach, the main challenges of contemporary health research on a global level, such as equality and equity in access to health services and care, population ageing, eHealth, methods and systems to deal with big data and complex biomedical information, security and privacy. 

NMS Research: improving Health today for saving Lives tomorrow.