Researchers publish the largest database of nanomedicines for cancer in the leading journal in the field


A group of researchers, including members of NOVA Medical School, recently published the largest database of nanomedicines for cancer using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the largest journal in the field - Nature Nanotechnology.

The study, entitled "A large-scale machine learning analysis of inorganic nanoparticles in preclinical cancer research", identifies the main characteristics of inorganic nanoparticles and the experimental design of animal studies that influence tumor reduction.

By extracting data from more than 700 articles and using a set of deep learning models, the researchers were able to discover that rod-shaped inorganic nanoparticles and multi-therapy strategies are more effective than spherical nanoparticles and single therapies, respectively.

This work is crucial for advancing cancer therapy, for developing better treatment options and outcomes for cancer patients in clinical settings, for promoting transparency, reproducibility and collaboration in the field, and for applying machine learning models to extract meaningful information from complex biological data.

The article, which can be consulted here, had the participation of Bárbara B. Mendes, João Conniot, Diana P. Sousa, João M.J. Ravasco and João Conde, who belong to the  Conde NanoLab team at NOVA Medical School.