iNOVA4Health – Advancing Precision Medicine

iNOVA4Health is a translational medicine programme organizing the efforts of biomedical researchers involved in: 

  1. biological understanding of disease, lead compounds and biopharmaceuticals pre-discovery
  2. technology-basedl science involved in preclinical development 
  3. early clinical and first-in-man clinical trials from institutions within NOVA University of Lisbon.

The iNOVA4Health programme will have a strong emphasis on developing therapies to promote healthy ageing and in targeting chronic diseases that are responsible for two thirds of deaths worldwide and a major burden on healthcare systems.


Paulo Pereira
Principal Investigator


iNOVA4Health contibutes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from UN:


Know more about the dedication of iNOVA4Health and NOVA Medical School at our Sustainability page.

Integrative Biomedicine

Alisson M. Gontijo

Tumor Morphology And Microenvironment

Ana Félix

Cytoskeleton in Development and Disease

Ana Pimenta Marques

Tissue Repair and Inflammation

António Jacinto

Proliferation and Fate Regulation of Stem Cells

Catarina Homem

Neurogenetics of Locomotion

César Mendes

Neuronal Trafficking in Aging

Cláudia Guimas Almeida

Molecular Nutrition and Health

Cláudia Nunes dos Santos

Membrane Traffic in Disease

Duarte C. Barral

Gene Therapy

Gabriela Araújo da Silva

Human Immunobiology and Pathogenesis Laboratory

Helena Soares

DysBrainD - Dysmetabolism in Brain Diseases laboratory

Hugo Vicente Miranda

Cancer Metabolism and Microenvironment

Jacinta Serpa

Stem Cells and Development

José António Belo

Immune Response and Vascular Disease

José Delgado Alves

Translational Tumor Immunology

Maria de Guadalupe Gonçalves Cabral

Metabolic Diseases Research (MEDIR)

Maria Paula Macedo

Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

Miguel Seabra

Lysosomes and Disease

Otilia V. Vieira

Metabolic reprogramming in hereditary diseases

Paulo Gameiro

Proteostasis and Intercellular Communication

Paulo Pereira

Inflammation and Neurodegeneration

Raffaela Gozzelino

Neuronal Growth and Plasticity

Rita Teodoro

Cellular and Systems Neurobiology

Rosalina Fonseca Alvarez

Computational and experimental biology

Rune Matthiesen

Degeneration and Ageing

Sandra Tenreiro

Neuronal Control of Metabolic Disturbances: Therapeutic Strategies

Sílvia Vilares Conde

Renal, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Pharmacology

Sofia de Azeredo Pereira

Cilia Regulation and Disease

Susana Santos Lopes